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Luxor a city full of monumental places but there are places you have to see
The Valley of the Kings, formerly known as Ta Iset Maat (“place of truth”) or Biban el-Moluk (“the gates of the kings”) is a necropolis located in Thebes -Ancient Egypt-, near Luxor today, in which more than 60 tombs belonging to most of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom (18th, 19th and 20th dynasties) until the 21st dynasty were found.
The Temple of Hatshepsut Also known as the Temple of Deir el-Bahari, the Temple of Hatshepsut was designed by the architect Sennenmut. It is dedicated to Hatshepsut, the only woman to reign in Egypt for a long period.
The Karnak Temple is the largest temple in Egypt and remains are still being found today and it continues to be rebuilt. The enclosure in which it is located has a perimeter of 2,400 meters and is surrounded by an 8-meter-thick adobe wall.
Built by multiple pharaohs between 2200 and 360 BC, the Karnak Temple contains within it the great temple of Amun, other smaller temples, chapels and the great sacred lake. The most important pharaohs involved in its construction were Hatshepsut, Seti I, Ramses II and Ramses III.
Luxor Temple Located in the city that bears his name and discovered in 1884, the Luxor Temple is one of the most spectacular temples in Egypt and the most important monument in Luxor.
The Luxor Temple was built between 1400 and 1000 B.C. by the pharaohs Amenhotep III and Ramses II, the former built the inner part and the latter the outer enclosure, adding the façade, the colossi and the obelisks. The temple is 260 meters long and is dedicated to Amun (god of the wind).

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